Seikan Hashizume

Master Seikan Hashizume, born July 1943. Establishes the Hashizume Style of Ai Yuzen and has been working in the Kyoto Yuzen world over 30 years. Master Hashizume’s work combines two japanese Dying Methods together in what is a truly very sophisticated way. His masterful mixing of these processes allows him to achieve works of unequaled beauty. The two methods are : Ai (Indigo Dying) Yuzen(Hand Painting or resist Dying Techniques) He began after 10 years to develop his own unique style of indigo in combining these traditional Japanese techniques to create extraordinary pieces. Master Hashizume uses exclusively Tadeai Japanese indigo Master Hashizume is from the Tendai Buddhist school of Japan created by Saicho who was the disciple of Kobo Daishi (Kukai). Master Hashizume lost is son just after the art director of the Cyrique’s art collection ask him if he would create an artwork based on the Hashizume Style of Ai Yuzen. Not only Master Hashizume accepted to do an artwork but he said the artwork helped him from the recent lost of his son.