Fabrizio Sarti

Fabrizio Sarti (Sea creative) was born in 1977 in Varese, where in the early nineties he starts expressing his creativity by painting the city walls and soon becomes known as Sea. Becoming a more mature artist, Sea is inspired by art pieces by Barry McGee and Phil Frost, and as a consequence he starts using paint brushes and acrylic colours instead of sprays. His style evolves too, influenced by his graphic design studies and his agency experience. In 2000, he creates the Sea Creative project, where his street art experience is taken to a more traditional level, using enamels, acrylics and inks. Apart from various exhibitions and live performances both in Italy and abroad, Sea works with several agencies, dealing with “street wear” and design. He currently paints and shows his characters to the world not only via the conventional networks, but also in abandoned industrial sites, where street art leaves the streets and walls and meets industrial archaeology with its exciting spaces full of history. Sea has his own, defined style: linear, but detailed in a chaotic universe where odd characters make the visitor curious. A style that goes beyond real imagery to stretch to graphic and chromatic experimentation. His characters rise from a flat background where the words stop being meaningful in order to become decorative elements. A microcosm populated by characters that don’t belong anywhere; astonished, amazed, absent-minded expressions belonging to the artist’s imagination, that revisits examples from reality, leaving the audience with several interpretations. Sea Creative lives and works between Milan and Varese, where he creates art pieces for national and international exhibitions and also collaborates with many creative environments.