Damien Paul Gal

This artist-performer produces works that show a real concentration of urban culture. street art has a bright future ahead of him thanks to damien-paul. he uses a unique process: thermoforming. an exclusivity of which he alone holds the secret. his creations mix different materials. A fan of recovery, packaging cartons become icon carriers, plastics turn into flat colors. recently it is towards abstraction that the hard work of this artist already in vogue strives. The artist Of Breton origin, it is in Rennes that begins the artistic career of the one that one begins to nickname “DPG” scenic performances, videos and installations enrich a work started at the age of 18 years. A colorful youth punctuated by rich and varied encounters (Louise Bourgoin, Benjamin SPaRK …), helping to build her world. His vision he seeks to show a summary of our present society. the powerful figures of power like that, lighter cartoon heroes and toys. the fragments that make up the paintings remind us of the cultural mix. the image of a woman sometimes muster sometimes fragmented weapons, insects invade the canvases of an artist who constantly replaying with images that cross the last decades until today.