Daniel Eime

Following graduation in Set Design, Daniel Eime began work in this area but since 2011 he has been living exclusively for street art and painting. Learning his trade on the streets at the age of 16, Daniel Eime began with graffiti, followed by experiments in several methods of artistic expression including the use of stickers and posters, culminating in the current exploration of stenciling. This technique has been the core of his works since 2008, being present in all the paintings he produced since that time. Being recognized for his large scale murals and very detailed stencils, Eime’s works depict intriguing characters that cast enigmatic gazes, frequently combined with abstract elements. His works aspires to capture the inner glow of his subjects, with every line on their faces telling the story of their and our own lives. He participated in several street art festivals and exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions around the globe. Daniel Eime shows a passion for pushing his work, and the scene forward, trying new things and testing limits.