Constantin Sunnerberg

Constantin Sunnerberg (Cost) was born in 1970 in Moscow. He grew up in artistic environement and started to draw very young. He illustrated his first book before ten. His mother was convinced anticommunist and decided to leave the country and she married french journalist. The family moved to Belgium when Constantin was 10. He spend his school years in The European School in Brussels and afterwards (in 1995) he finished « LaCambre » artistic Unniversity in the Grafic section. In 1998, he started creating political drawings for belgiam newspaper called Le Soir. Since then, he is working as a professional illustrator, mainly for press ( Le Soir, Courrier
International, Le Monde etc.) He is creating drawings, posters, books, etc. Constantin Sunneberg won prizes in political cartoon contest. He started drawing cartoons only in 2010 and immediately won third prize in Knokke-Heist cartoon contest. Since that time his cartoons have been awarded a number of prestigious prizes at both national and international cartoon competitions.