Andrei Platounov

My name is Andrei Platounov. I am a pianist and singer. I finished my studies at the GITIC Institute (Russian University of Theater Arts), and now I work in Belgium, at La Monnaie Opera. As for my paintings, which I present here for the first time, I can say that I am 100% self-taught. Since my childhood, I have always drawn: at school, at the vocational school, at the Institute. I thought that passion would pass, but it was nothing … The lack of attendance at a painting school gives me the right to errors, but also freedom of expression without limits. Painting allows me to cross the barriers of reality, to hide myself, to escape from everyday life, to climb to the clouds of surrealism in search of new forms of beauty, aesthetics, and fantastic universes . I perceive painting as music, which everyone hears in his own way. Sometimes I want the painting to sing, to provoke a laugh or a smile.